High Chair Buying Guide

High chair buying guide

The Official Dad has purchased 4 high chairs in the last 3 years so you wouldn’t have to.

I promise not to waste your time so here it goes. Here are the five key decision points when choosing a high chair:

1) Easiness of cleaning
2) Easiness of cleaning
3) Easiness of cleaning
4) The high chair should be easy to clean
5) You only need one arm to operate (no putting babies on the floor)

Wooden high chairs or single molded cheap plastic high chairs are the easiest to clean and will free up your time, because your time is precious and is needed to do awesome things like making money, watching your favorite local sports team on TV or perhaps even watching live Rust coding tutorials presented by a talking fox avatar on YouTube.

Think to yourself. Why do cafes and restaurants only use wooden or cheap molded plastic high chairs?

However, some people enjoy cleaning, so I’ve provided an example of a high chair that does not contain the easiness of cleaning characteristic. This can be found here.