Nappy Bins and Liners

Nappy bins and liners

Nothing screams First World privilege louder than owning your own dedicated nappy disposal system.

1875 was an eventful year in our grand history. Such memorable events included:

  • Guangxu becoming the 11th Qing Dynasty Emperor of China at the age of 4, in succession to his cousin

  • The United States Congress passes the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits racial discrimination in public accommodations and jury duty

  • The first household rubbish bins were introduced in Britain, as part of an introduction to a public waste collection system

Nineteenth century scientists rejoiced with news that the rubbish bin had finally been released to the public, however they could not invent the pseudoscience required to convince the population that the ordinary household bin did not have sufficient tech to handle your children’s nappies.


Fast forward a century. A different group of scientists got together over drinks and decided to collaborate with the same guys who brought you cheap printers and expensive ink replacement cartridges. This lead to the birth of the phantasmagorical modern home nappy disposal system.

Don’t buy these, just don’t.

The Official Dad managed well purchasing a cheap bin from any department store using regular large bin liners from your local grocery store.