Preschool Photography

The Ultimate Value Pack which includes your children’s preschool photos on CD does not come with a CD/DVD drive to view them.

The preschool photography market is flooded, and everyday, preschool photographers spend up to 8 hours soul searching, introspecting and conjuring their local suburban restless spirits to help them discover what makes them stand out over other photographers, enabling themselves to carve out a niche for success.

.. conjuring their local suburban restless spirits..

One of those niche areas is the specialisation of storing precious children memories on old format storage media.

The Official Dad’s local day care centre is an example where due diligence was taken to select a preschool photographer with ye olde CD storage expertise.

Traditionally, successful photographers use newer, more modern computers which typically don’t come with re-writable CD drives. Less than successful photographers typically use old or second hand computers that have a re-writable CD drive and USB drive included. Really really unsuccessful photographers use very very old computers without USB drives, a modem or a wireless card. The only option for these photographers is to provide you a digital copy of your children’s photo on CD.

.. really really unsuccessful photographers use very very old computers..

A common metric used to assess a photographers success is the turn around time for photos. For example, a 6 week turn around time suggests that a very unsuccessful photographer has been hired. His or her computer may take 2 weeks to turn on, 3 weeks to import the photo using old serial cables and another 1 week to burn the image to CD.

It’s also possible that a 6 week turn around is to allow for time travel back to 1995.