Review – Oricom Secure870

Every night, I feel a tiny fragment of my soul eroding away.

0/1 Stars

This product struggles to maintain connectivity between base station and monitor. The Official Dad is reminded of this daily through the incessant ominous beeping which can’t be disabled, usually at less than ideal hours. An example of less than ideal hours is 3:34 AM.

The clear problem is that this product was perhaps designed for the outdoors, and not for traditional indoor homes, such as my single floor 3 bedroom walled apartment as an example.

Note this excerpt taken from the user manual:

“The maximum range between your Parent and Baby units is up to 300 metres, in optimum conditions, outdoors…”

– Oricom Secure870 User Manual

This statement suggests that Oricom had in fact tested the range of these devices outdoors.

Erroneous temperature readings are also experienced whilst using this device. The Official Dad had purchased a base station and two baby unit monitors. Both rooms reported the same temperature with other third party products, yet the Secure870 displays a 10 degrees Celsius temperature differential between the two rooms.

The Secure870 fails at monitoring, however credit is due for the successfully executed mystery alarm clock feature. The Official Dad does not approve the purchase of this item and recommends that Oricom re-design their product to work in traditional indoor residences.