Review – Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero 3 High Chair

Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero 3 High Chair

You are likely to spend less time solving a rubik’s cube without cheating than removing food from all the nooks and crannies built into the Peg Perego Pappa Zero 3 high chair.

0/1 Stars

This expensive one off purchase disposable high chair, proudly made in Italy, is the Swiss-army knife of high chairs. It features reclining chair mode (for those very common incidents where your infant decides to doze off during eating) and an impressive array of cavities to store disused food for later consumption.

The stand out feature of this high chair is the addition of a removable other-worldly food tray cover. Unsure of whether to attribute this to my children, the high chair manufacturers or sorcery, food will travel and come to rest between the food tray and the removable cover itself. The Official Dad has not been able to form any conclusion.

There might be some type of supernatural power at play.

It is important to note, for the Swiss-army knife that it is, The Official Dad requires the use of both hands to reconfigure this high chair from folded to eating mode. A minor frustration when holding a baby in one arm. Also, repeated special attention is needed for Mother-in-laws who require the instruction manual for daily operation.


The Official Dad does not recommend this product, however a special kudos goes out to the marketing team for convincing me that Italian’s make the best high chairs.